November 10, 2009

NAL Tournament

If you ever want to feel totally stupid, just go to a Jr. High National Academic League tournament.  I brought a notebook and pen to write my own answers to the questions they would ask and see how many I could get.  I did awesome.  Out of the 50 questions asked, I wrote down one answer.  Yep, I'm practically a genius. 
They asked things like this:
If Susan has a dad and Susan, Sally, and Sabrina are playing tennis with Bob, Carl, and Stanley, and Sally likes tennis...who is Susan's dad?
Or something like that.  At least it made about as much sense as that.  Or maybe I was just having a hard time concentrating because the lady next to me was doing a cross stitch and every time she pulled the needle through it came within an inch of my eyeball.
And while I was completely out in the dark (and getting threatened with blindness), twelve and thirteen year-olds were rattling off the answers.  It's so humiliating to have to encounter your own ignorance like that.


  1. whoa, well i found out while watching tv that i'm dumber than a fifth grader.

    and gosh, your post about stake conference was crazy, dang it!

  2. I believe Susan's dad is Mike Libby. Lucky Susan.

  3. yeah, i would blame it on the lady with the needle. that seems like the best thing for your self-esteem. :-)

  4. Why yes it is from costco!!! Good eye! Though it won't be fitting me much longer. Ha ha.

  5. Oh I forgot to say how funny this post is! Reminds me of when I'm watching are u smarter than a fifth grader (cuz I'm not)!!! Lol.