July 15, 2009

You Know You're a Blogger...

When you start thinking of your past as a serious of blog posts.

When someone asks how you're doing and you respond with, "Well, how much have you already read on my blog?"

When it's okay that you have a burrowing creature, a dying skunk, a white trash house, or kids with attitude because at least it makes for good blogging material.

When comments=love

When you're reading an article in Wikipedia and your son asks, "Whose blog is that?"

When your kids ask, "Are you going to blog about that?" every time you laugh at something they say.

When you and your husband start communicating more through post comments than at the dinner table. (Not really--don't worry)

When buttons, banners, and posts are not just physical objects.

When you recognize the terms cjane and nienie, and you know you're not the "meanest mom".

What else, guys?


  1. I stinking love this post. All of these very true. It's such a crazy world - this blogging one. It's a strange thing to share bits of your life with such a large audience. And now I depend so much on blogs to catch me up on people's lives that I rarely call people. So, too bad for people who don't have blogs and it's so weird to me to think there are those people and they don't even know what is on my blog. (ie: sarah and ems) OH, I like your comments = love thing. Joey and i just posted a blog and came back five minutes later and there were no comments and we said "jerks! they are all jerks! nobody has commented yet!" ha ha. bloggers are a little coo coo for cocoa puffs.

  2. TRUE!! This blogging world is very interesting. If I ever do a real blog I'm tempted to leave out the comments. I don't like the comments=love feeling.
    Also, it's kind of weird when you talk to someone whose blog you've read but never commented on. It feels like you know something about them that you shouldn't. Do you admit you know everything about them or do you pretend you have no idea what they've been up to? Hmmmm...
    It's almost like leaving comments on a blog makes you feel more like you deserve to be reading it.
    Anyway...this is too deep for the comments page.
    Keep 'em comin'

    Oh, and I think it's funny that "blog" is underlined in the spell check. Doesn't this blogspot know that "blog" is a real word now?
    Hey and this is one reason I don't have a real blog. I write on and on about nothing. Ok, that's enough.

  3. Yeah, what "andelin" said. I was so hesitant to join this world at first, but getting comments is truly addicting. I check many times a day after I post to see who has commented. And, yeah, you know you're a blogger when you go around commenting on others' blogs in order to lure them back to your blog so they'll comment there. (a little too honest??! And yeah, I have a new post today, so, uh, go check it out, eh?)