July 21, 2009

Can you feel the love tonight?

A short rundown of our recent anniversary getaway:

The Accommodations...
  • Rex booked a rustic romantic getaway in a wolf-themed cabin. I said (and this is how fun I am to be married to), "Dude, there better not be any wolf statues in there. That would be creepy." Turns out there was a wolf statue. And it was creepy.
  • There were numerous wolfy pictures covering the walls. And joy of joys, they were all "available for purchase".
  • The sound system, no kidding, emanated the eerie howling of wolves. At which Rex said, "Do you think they have moose calls on the sound system in the moose room?" At which I prayed he was not planning on finding out for sure next year.
  • The decorations on the bed posts were fake evergreen branches which snatched at my hair every time I walked by.
  • The corners of the room were decorated with patches of weeds.
  • And when I sat on the toilet it cracked!

The Dinner...
  • When we went out to eat and I was trying to understand the menu, I asked Rex, "What does 'jerk-cooked' mean?" He pointed to the chef and said, "I think it's referring to that guy."
  • Other than the jerk comment, I couldn't hear much of what Rex said because the women behind me talked loudly and constantly about the poor upbringing of some child: "And I could see the problems when she was just two...you know they just let her do what she wants and there's the problem...that child is just a brat...and it's not the kid's fault. I blame the parents...and..."
The Hike...
  • Yes, hike. And remember, I don't exercise. We started up the hill and I went first so Rex wouldn't see how hard I was breathing. Finally, after I had completely worn myself out, I stopped and took a rest. As soon as I could get my breath I asked Rex what time it was. He said, "Uhh, we've been hiking for three minutes." I said, "Oh." And then added, "Well how far do you want to go?" He laughed and suggested a certain point which he promised would only take 15 minutes. I only made it 12. He went ahead and then came back to get me. When we got back to the car, he showed me on the map the tiny portion of trail we had climbed. I was very proud to have completed about 1/100th of the trail. Yeah for us!!
The Return...
  • When we went to get the kids from my parent's house, we were treated to these endearing reactions from our children: "Why are you guys home so early?" "Can't you just go back on your trip?" "We were having so much fun before you came."

Overall it was a lovely trip.

(No, really, it was! We laughed our hearts out at the backwoodsy stuff in the cabin, the jerky chef cooked a great dinner, the hike was lovely and provided the token exercise I needed for the year, and we also went to the temple and then watched the new Harry Potter movie. And, when we picked up our kids, they got happy to see us again after we told them we wouldn't take them home right away.)


  1. That's funny. I didn't have any problems with the toilet seat when I used it. Maybe I weakened it.

  2. those are some lovely memories of your special getaway. it reminds me of our honeymoon suite - where we had to climb a ladder to the back of an huge elephant to sleep and there was NO door to the bathroom (nothing like really GETTING TO KNOW your new spouse) and the shower was the creepiest bird/dragon squiring water out of its nose... beak?
    i liked rex's joke about jerk cooked. and way to go cracking the toilet. Happy Anniversay!

  3. Jenny you are hilarious. I love reading your blog. That wolf is totally creepy. The hike is totally just like me. I like to consider myself as athletic... but Kyle sees right through it!

  4. I hope it didn't also pinch your bum when it cracked. That would be adding injury to insult.

  5. I love it! Sounds like a fun and funny getaway. Sorry about the cracked potty. (Does that make you a crack-pot?) So did you sample what the jerk cooked? hilarious. Themed rooms are an interesting phenomenon. They try to transport you to... to closely resemble... a real wolf's den? Would anyone really want to spend the night there? Glad you weren't eaten.

  6. What a fun weekend. Glad you added the fact that it was fun....it sounds like it was great! :)

  7. Just catching up on blog posts. How is it that you make me laugh harder than any blog out there? It's too early in the morning for guttural hysterics!

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  9. I am randomly going through some of your old posts. I especially laughed when I read about having to be hacked out of the outhouse in Africa. Or at least I thought I'd laughed . . . until I read this post. Every bullet point got me laughing harder until I was laughing so hard I was crying. Jenny, we are so much alike. (Except I'm sure I can't be this much fun because I'm not as comfortable with myself as you are. Reading your posts is helping though. Thanks!) previous post removed due to typo