June 11, 2009

Little Gentleman

Lately I've been trying to help Andrew be a "gentleman"--my term for his being nice to his sisters and having decent manners in general.
Last night he had to go to bed an hour early for terrorizing his sisters. He demonstrated how well he'd learned his lesson the next morning by punching them within an hour of getting up. He was distraught when I reminded him that violent behavior is still not gentlemanly.
In distress, he lamented:
"But it's so hard! I'm praying about it every night, but it's not working out as well."

Later in the day he stood up after sitting on the heater vent and announced,
"My bum is warm!"
Half joking I said, "Gentlemen don't inform others of the state of their bums."
In return he said, "I don't think I'm that kind of gentleman. "


  1. yeah, the harris gentlemen seem to always want you to know the state of their bums (ie whether or not said bum is covered (rex) whether or not it is warm (andrew)) that is super funny. and does it kinda melt your heart when he said stuff like he prays about it every night? you should just let him do whatever he wants. :-)

  2. Katie,
    Yeah, I'm starting to wonder about all this bum talk too. And yes, I did get a little melted when Andrew talked about praying. He's been talking about praying a little more than usual. The other day he thought he needed to go to the bathroom, but then couldn't go when he had the opportunity so he said, "Should I pray about it?"

  3. haha! What a great line! Better keep an eye on this kid.

  4. You're a great mom. What a lucky boy.

  5. Jenny, you have a really funny kid.

  6. what kind of gentleman is he, i wonder? a very dashing one at least. i think we must have a play date when i come to utah, because i think my girls would adore andrew.