June 2, 2009

Fast Food Entertainment

A list of things that either entertained me or grossed me out at Arctic Circle today:
1. The water cups they provided were tiny Dixie bathroom cups.
2. Andrew stuck a straw into the cup of fry sauce and drank it.
3. Rachel dropped the other fry sauce onto her foot.
4. Alicia spilled more on her white shirt than she fit in her mouth.
5. As we were leaving, the cashier actually scraped the grime off the cash register and was calling her friends over to see the pile of green greasy scrapings on the counter. (And I think she was using a food spatula to do it).


  1. those are all horribly disgusting things.

  2. the last one wins for sure.

  3. Yuck! Teenagers are so oblivious and in the now, you've got to love them. Uck.

  4. ewww. I think I've been to that Arctic Circle, and you're right, it is a little gross. And the water you get to put in those dixie cups is stored in a questionable-looking clear container sitting on the counter.

  5. Okay, very hard to read for a sick pregnant girl!!
    Too many things gross me out these days.

  6. No wonder you avoid those places whenever possible.
    Were the kids as grossed out as you were? And as I am now?

  7. I asked if I could have a side of greasy cash register scrapings in a dixie cup and an extra straw for sipping. It was gooooooood!!!!

  8. Don't know what is funnier, what you experienced or the fact I have experienced it to some degree myself. Do miss the fry sauce from there :)