May 4, 2009


I took some vitamins and made a face as I swallowed.

Andrew was watching me and said, "Why are you making that face? Maybe you took 'poisonous'! I hope not!! That would make me sad."

Asking the obvious I said, "Why would it make you sad?"

"Because you're my favorite mom." Then he added, "Well, one of them."

"One of them?! Who's your other favorite mom?"

"All of them...except the bratty ones."


  1. so many possibilities of meaning. is he referring to jenny's other selves? imaginary moms? in any case, we all hate the bratty ones. can i please reserve andrew for one of my daughters in 20 years?

  2. Sorry Kate, he's spoken for. Just kidding, but that kid is going to be at the top of everyone's list! I just found out today that I am one of those favorite moms, yipeee!

  3. Well at least you know he has some standards, and you are a favorite! Don't you wonder sometimes where they get this stuff? At least it can make us laugh!

  4. Today, I think I am definitely one of the bratty ones. I will try to become a favorite one. I now know why my mom used to sigh and sigh so much.

  5. Perhaps he's referring to his older sisters. They mother him don't they?
    Also, I've noticed that there are two Kates posting to your list. How do you keep us apart? (other than that she's a more faithful commenter?)