April 26, 2009

National Scream Week

As our family was discussing National Screen Week,
Megan piped in to clarify something:

Megan: It's not called "Screen week".

Rachel: What's it called?

Megan: "Scream Week!"

Rachel: Why would it be Scream Week?

Megan: Because when you tell people
to turn off their TVs and computers
they're like, "AAAAGGGHHHH!!"

Megan knows this from personal experience. She has been trying to get us to turn off our brain-numbing machines for awhile. She'll say, "Why don't we play games as a family instead of watching movies?" or "Why don't we go do something active like ride bikes? We never even talk to each other. I'm sick of watching movies all the time!!"

The rest of us look at her like the crazy person she is and shoot down every one of her ideas: "Playing a game would take effort, and riding bikes sounds like exercise. We want to relax!" and "What do you mean you don't like movies? Are you adopted?!! Or has something scrambled your brains? Maybe all that active bike riding..."

When "Scream Week" came around, and the whole nation was siding with Megan, she finally got her way. She came straight in the house and slapped the caution tape over our TV. Then she gave us all the evil eye, daring us to even think about using any sort of screen (or scream, for that matter).

The next day when she came home from school, Rachel was on the computer. Megan's face went red and she started yelling, "Hello!!...scream week...no computers!!!..."

Then, after discovering Rachel was typing a report for school, she was pacified into writing a reminder note and taping it to the screen:

NO working on the computer unless it's a report!!

For me that meant that I had to wait until she left for school before I would take off the note and use the computer, or remove the caution tape to watch a movie--It was so easy, really, only adhered with a little tape. She totally should have thought of that.


  1. ha! i didn't even hear about scream week! i was probably too busy surfing the interwide web to read/watch/listen to the news. or other human beings. rachel sounds awesome. can she come to my house and unplug me?

  2. Sophia put our caution tape up a week early, of course Isaac "screamed" at her, and ripped it down immediately. Megan amd Sophia can ride bikes and play games all week next year, and we can veg in peace.

  3. How funny! I love it. And I love what a great writer you are...it is almost like we are still roomies and you are telling me a story that leaves me rolling on the floor. How lucky I am to have known you! :)

    BTW: I have not so good news. Check out my blog.

  4. Is this why I haven't had any wonderful posts, to read?! I missed you! Were you roomates with B. Andelin and R from above posts? I might have known you from way back when!

  5. KP,
    I was roommates with those two, so I'm sure I've met you before. That's pretty cool.
    Also, thanks for missing me. It makes me feel, well, missed.

  6. Wow - caution tape and sticky notes reminding you not to turn into a zombie? Cool. I like how you described talking Megan out of being too active. That is a good mom. You are so funny! I've actually missed you as well. I'm glad to hear you are finding ways around the Megan's cautionary measures.

  7. This is Megan here, and I want to say that it is scream week not screen week! I am serious! I seriously am serious! seriously! seriously! seriously am! OK! See ya later. P.S. every time I come home the sign on the computer was moved. every time! every!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!