March 20, 2009

Proof Preview

If you've framed a Proof Preview picture (complete with those words scrawled in white across the page), does that mean you're white trash? Just curious.


  1. No, just really frugal... okay, maybe yes.

  2. That is pretty white trash. But nobody would EVER do that right? I mean right? anyway, why do you ask?

    ps i had a dream about you last night. you and i were rollerblading down a huge cobblestone road in Paris. ????

  3. Nobody I know would do that. I was just curious. You know.

    (Actually, to clear my name, but sully another's... It was Rachel.)

  4. At least it was a picture of her family and she didn't just leave the picture that came with the frame ("keepers" as my husband's family calls them) in it.