March 20, 2009

Jumpstart to the Day

Early yesterday morning I was doing the laundry in the quiet basement while the kids slept. As I was working, I thought I heard a sound behind me so I turned to look. Nothing was there. Secure in my isolation, I turned back to the washer.

In the stillness I felt something touch the middle of my back. My ensuing scream would have made Alfred Hitchcock proud. I turned around to see the perpetrator smiling up at me from inside his stripey pajamas.

I had to laugh.

But then I scolded, "Andrew, please don't do that again. It really scared me."

"Okay, Mama."

Later that day I was in the laundry room again when out of the corner of my eye I saw him edging quietly into the room with a mischievous grin. (The temptation was just too great I guess.) This time he jumped from behind me and yelled, "BOO!" Knowing his intentions, it obviously didn't have the same effect on me, but I was upset at his disobedience.

I said, "Andrew, I told you not to do that!"
Andrew countered, "I never heard you tell me that."

"Really? When did I say it?"
"Right after I scared you this morning."



  1. Stripey pajamas can get away with anything, except I think he needs to work on his alibi.

  2. pretty clever mama - you totally could be a prosecuting attorney.

  3. Ha ha ha! How cute! Could totally see my little one do the same thing!

  4. Uh oh, now he's just fessed up to lying in addition to the disobedience!