March 1, 2009

Lessons Learned

You never think your kids are listening so it was rewarding the other day when I heard Andrew repeat some of the lessons I've been trying to teach him. It went something like this:
I was driving Andrew, Meredith, and Courtney home from preschool along with their new stash of balloons, papers, and car seats. When I dropped Courtney off, and was juggling her with all her stuff, Meredith's balloon sneaked out the window and flew away.
I got back in the car to face a teary four-year-old.
"You"....sniff...."lost my balloon..."
Feeling like the scum of the earth, I started groveling, "I'll get you a new one. I promise! I'll get you a better one. Will that be okay?"
I looked at her to see little fists wiping away tears off her sad, but pacified little face.
Before I could go to the nearby little market, I had to stop back at our house.
When I got back to the car where the kids were waiting, Andrew said, "Mom, we've been having a talk and I've been telling her stuff."
"What have you been telling her?"
"That persons don't always get what they want."
"You're right. So... instead of getting your own balloon, why don't you give it to Meredith?"
"Ummm....let's just go to the store."

Later that day Andrew wanted to whine about something, but said, "I know we're a no-whine family, but if we weren't I would have something to say."

So even though he can't always follow his own advice, at least the kid's been listening when I tell him to stop whining and that people don't always get what they want.
What a rewarding day.


  1. That's great! Maybe that's what we'll have to have our FHE on tonight. Becoming a "NO-whine" Family. :-) You are a wonderful Mom, Jenny!

  2. I no longer have a private blog, so if you want to check it out look here

  3. That is so funny. Weren't you curious what he had to whine about? What a good kid. I like the part that "mom, we've been having a talk" - I wish we had a recording of that conversation. :-)

  4. Yay! it is sinking in! There is hope for us all~
    Way to are a good tooter!

  5. I think you and Andrew should team up and write a parenting book. I'd sure buy it!