February 23, 2009

Violent Tendencies

This last weekend I helped babysit for my nieces and nephew. The violence that ensued reminded me of my own childhood when my parents would leave. I was witness to kicking, yelling, threatening, bawling, chasing, and machete-whacking intentions.
But I knew things were on the upswing when I witnessed this tender moment:
My nephew hugged his older sister and apologetically said, "Sorry I tried to whack your face with a machete..."

Later, when I was recounting the horrors to my dad, I said, "Who in their right mind would give a machete to a little boy with violent tendencies?!"
Looking slightly abashed, my dad said: "Me."


  1. Now you know what it is like in my house of 4 boys under 7--every day! I've learned toy guns are safer than toy swords, for obvious reasons--sound effects don't hurt. We have an armory of weapons courtesy of Papa. All the wooden swords have 1/2 inch divots in the blades. Luckily we haven't had to many divots in the heads.

  2. I had a realization while typing the name of your blog. Considering your white-trash theme, shouldn't it be "Belligernt Blogging"?
    Hope you don't mind that I lifted your post for my blog. After all, you are documenting my kids' lives.

  3. I am soooo with you on this one. Who in there right mind thought it would be a good idea that little boys who have not learned to control there swing or their temper should learn to play golf with pint size clubs or that swords, no matter what they are made of, could in anyway be safe for the cute litte running all day, never stop to think of consequences, look there goes my little brothers eye, darlings. Hhhhmmmmm. Toy manufactures run by men in conection with hospitals run by men??? with a kickback incentive?