January 14, 2009

La Salade d'Orange

Remember how I have no domestic skills? Well, I've recently discovered that Rex is holding out on me. The other night he made dinner (due to the fact that I was real super busy playing chess with Andrew and Megan. And now I'm pretty sure I'll be real super busy every night around dinner time.)
He made a delicious chicken stir-fry topped with cashews, and a side dish of oranges arranged on a bed of cottage cheese and lettuce. Fancy, huh? I mean, I've never garnished fruit like that. I've never even used the word "garnish" before.

Let me take you back a few years to how it used to be...

I was pregnant. I was languishing and sick and desired nothing more than for Rex to cook, but when he would, it would turn out...well....anyway let me give you some examples:
The first time he took over dinner, he made tater tot casserole a la grease.
The next time he cooked, I specifically, gently, kindly requested that he fix something healthy (so that our baby would survive long enough to be around for its own birth). He assured me that he would make something extremely healthy and with that promise I took my sore belly and lay down with it on the bed and rested. When dinner was ready, I ambled downstairs to find one lone pot proudly steaming on the table. I peered inside to see none other than:
plain ramen noodles.

His cooking days were over.

But now. Now I'm kinda thinking he should have more turns to cook, n'est-ce, pas?


  1. Yeah, so where did this fancyness come from? You can't just go from tator tot casserole and ramen to fancy can you? If you find out how he did it - let me know because right this very minute I'm avoiding dinner. I got online to get some ideas and instead I'm just reading your blog. At least it's on subject right?

  2. OUCH!!! I only have one thing...or maybe two things to say. There is no less than 39 1/2 inaccuracies in this story. First of all it was tater tot a la 'cheesy' grease. Not just any old grease. You will have everyone thinking that I was trying to feed you 10-40 motor oil or something. Also, plain ramen? Come on, I'm sure it was extra salty chicken liver flavor. Plus, there had to be a bowl and a spoon on the table along with the steaming pot. At least it was warm.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm starting to crave a little tot casserole even as I type. "Hey, honey. break out the chess board, 'cuz I'm cooking tonight.

  3. I've got to make sure I always come back and read these comments even after I comment. I almost missed that one and that would have been a tragedy. I love how Rex's comment's are like a post within a post.

  4. Who needs tv when we have Jenny and Rex? I have been savoring each and every post and comment, and I don't feel like I've wasted a moment of my time in the process!

  5. You are one of the few that makes me laugh out loud every time! Sooo funny!