January 13, 2009

Kangaroos in February

Andrew and I were playing with letters this morning. We formed certain words and then he tried to sound them out.
One word was "bad". We spread out the letters and he sounded it out, "buh, aah, duh.....buh, ahh, duh.....oh, I know! It spells "kangaroo"!!

A few words later it was "dog". Once again, "duh, awe, guh....duh, awe, guh....oh, that must be "February"!

When I said a confused "Wow", he said, "So, I'm right?"
I replied, "No, but very creative."


  1. oops. i meant, i could use some tips! those are really long words he's reading!

  2. very creative indeed! and i love the bedhead photo!

  3. My Lindsey, when she was 4 used to give me a random group of letters like "xdru" and then she would say "does that spell..." and she would name a word. Of course she was never right and she was so frustrated. She understood that letters make sounds and letters grouped together make words, but she couldn't put it all together. It was interesting to see her thought process. Funny.

  4. That is so funny! Love all your posts, Jenny! I'm so glad you decided to blog! I knew it would bring me smiles!