January 22, 2009

If Everyone Else Jumped off a Cliff

Andrew came home from preschool and got his whiny, demanding voice on,
"Mo-om. I want a wii! Everyone else at preschool has one."

Wow, they start young.

I was about to face off with him when Star, overhearing this, said, "I'll give you a wii." His face lighted up until she demonstrated what she meant. She picked up her little girl, twirled her around and said, "Wheeee!"

Bless you Star. That's just the kind of "wii" for a four-year-old.

Now I'm picturing him coming home on the first day of kindergarten saying: "Oh, I also need a cell phone, an ipod, and a laptop."


  1. yikes! i'm not ready for preschool and it's evil influences! heh heh.

  2. I know of at least two of his classmates that don't have a wii. So there, Andrew. Pppfffft!

  3. hey tell star that i want a Wheee too!
    :) rachel (:

  4. as i was planning luke's first birthday party my friend with teenage kids said to enjoy buying him gifts while the gifts are big and cheap. the older they get the smaller and more expensive they get (like ipods, cell phones, wiis) so, i was thinking i had a while. but all the sudden that time shrunk to a few more years! man oh man.

  5. Anderson is still trying to get something alive: "Dad, since Mom won't let me have a reptile, can I have a skunk?"

  6. I get that from my 7 year old. She'll come home from school the first day after Christmas break and tell me about all the kids that got a wii or mp3 player. It has happened two years in a row.
    Today in primary during sharing time a class gave the message on the family. Each child in the class talked about what "wholesome recreational activities" they do with their families. Half the kids, at least five, stood up and talked about playing video games with their families. Give me a break!
    Ok. Time to get off the soap box.