January 26, 2009

Still Excited for Disney World

Rex asks Megan, "What are you most excited about with Disney World? The rides, the house we're staying in, the pool, the wii..."
Megan: "There's a Wii?!!!"

I ask Rex, "Since the park tickets are just little scraps of paper, if we lose one, do we get a replacement?"
Rex: "No. In fact, we need to guard those with our life! Where are they, by the way?"

Andrew (who often gets car sick): "Mom, I don't want to get sick on the long way to our trip."
Me: "I don't think you'll get car sick in a plane."
Andrew: "I'll get plane sick!"


  1. Very funny posts lately. When are going to disney world?

  2. Ah Man!! (in a whiny voice) You guys are going to have so much fun! .... IF you find the tickets....and IF andrew doesn't get plane sick... and IF there is in fact a wii.... that is.

  3. Jenny, I read your blog today for the first time in quite a while. WHAT A GREAT READ! You have some serious talent. I laughed out loud. Have you considered doing a Dave Barry thing with these clips? The world needs more clean humorous entertainment and you are just the one to provide it. The great thing is, your material is already written. Think about it.

  4. Thanks jakeandrebekah. I'm glad someone is laughing out loud at all this.
    Now when you say "clean" entertainment you must mean 'upright' instead of 'sanitized', right? Because there are a lot of unsanitary stories in here (dirty house, smelly skunks, bacteria mats, rabid mice, disposal chunks. . .)