October 13, 2008

Playing House

Andrew and Meredith are at it again. Here are some excerpts from their game of house:

M: You’ve got to go now. You’re late.

A: Okay.

M: I’ll take care of the kid.

A: (playing basketball) I’m just playing by myself to get exercise.

M: (Scoots “the kid” around on a scooter)

A: (returning home) Oh! She learned how to ride a motorcycle?!

M: Oh, let’s put her to school. You will have to get her.

A: Yeah, I’ll get her. You can stay home. This snake has to go to school too.

M: Okay. We’ll walk you to school. There’s another snake you could play with.

A: The school door is still open, but that’s okay because all the bugs are dead so they won’t get in.

M: Now we can pick up our daughter.

A: Yeah, all our kids we can pick up. I said you can stay home. (She stays while he goes)

M: Come on home. Home, Dear, home.

A: (Andrew jumps on the wooden horse with Meredith) I have to be in front. Boys have to be in front.

M: That’s not the front. This is, see? (It’s true. Andrew is facing the tail.)

A: Well, we have to go backwards. (Men always have to be right.)

M: Kids, dad is going to basketball so I will put you to sleep.

A: No, I have to put her to sleep. (They fight over the kid)

M: Look, she’s fast asleep.

A: No, she’s not! That’s not her bed. That’s where the bat sleeps. (He might have gotten this from me. I'm forever mixing up the bat bed with the baby bed.)

M: (Sings a lullaby). To Andrew: go to soccerball.

A: No. I don’t go to soccerball. I have to go to sleep. (They each take a couch to sleep on)

M: (Whispers) sweet dreams.


  1. That's sweet! Love the horse part!

  2. hahaha! that is so awesome. i love your blog jenny, you are so funny. i'm adding you to my reader right now. . .

  3. Yeah, the first pic and it's a winner! I think you could write some awesome children's books based on these little conversations!

  4. Love the pic, and the conversation!