October 12, 2008

Out of the Conversation

Recent conversations I have not been able to participate in:

1. The best way to clean out a jetted tub. (I wouldn't really know.)

2. Suggestions for making the best cinnamon rolls. (I don't bake.)

3. Sharing ideas about candy making. (Candy making?! Don't you just buy that at the store?)

4. Reasons we love our vinyl lettering machines. (Didn't know the things existed until yesterday. Yet another contraption I can't imagine ever needing.)


  1. Jenny! How fun of you to finally do this! Good for you!...even if you have to be belligerent while doing it! I'm so glad to hear about your life. I have an issue with your calling yourself "white trash" though! You are so NOT white trash...and if you call yourself white trash, what am I, chopped skunk liver?...and you could tell me, being the expert on skunks that you are! ;-)

  2. Hello Jenny! I'm just a blog-hopping and I love reading your posts. You are hilarious! Hope you don't mind me snooping... I could totally relate to your laundry 'white trash' post. When we lived in Grandma's old house in Liberty, the washer was in the basement and we had to put pantyhose on the drain pipe thingy to catch the lint. You can imagine that the brown water went all over the place.

  3. Jennifer,
    Wow, it's so fun to get back in contact with people through the blogging world. I'm so sorry that you can actually relate to this blog, but it does make me feel much better.