April 17, 2013

The Phantom Menace and The New Hope

 We got a visit from the sheriff tonight. I guess they get a little suspicious when 911 gets a call in which there's the sound of a struggle and the line goes dead. When they called back, my teenager tried to explain that it was the baby who called and that the struggle was her wrenching the phone away. "No, officer. There's no problem here."

But an hour later he came anyway. We put forth our best effort to act normal (no small feat for our family) and to make sure he saw the baby (as well as her impressive, button-pushing fingers).  But he acted unappeased. He gravely announced that since we dialed 911, he would have to confiscate something of ours.  I was still trying to figure out what he would confiscate (hoping it was one of the children) when he clarified that he had to confiscate the R2D2 costume sitting by the door because "It was so freaking awesome!"

I almost said, "Are you sure you don't want one of our kids?"  But then I thought that might look bad.

After he left, Megan said, " Well, if there was a real emergency he probably took too long to get here."
I said, "Yeah, someone could already be dead."
Rachel added, "Yeah, and we could have already hidden the body."

Yeah, we don't do normal.


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  2. Funny!
    If it had been my family, one of my kids would have made the "hidden the body" comment while the sheriff was still there.

  3. that IS so freaking awesome! how did you make that?! and yes an hour is way too long. what, do you live in the boonies or something? get a real town.

  4. We need to get our kids together. They could rule the world!