February 28, 2013

Saved by the Mormons

On Thursday we meandered up the coast and stopped at a beach.  We climbed over some sharp rocks barefoot and stood on a precipice as we were sprayed by violent waves.  (We're all about safety.)  Then we drove back down the coast where we spotted some sea lions and dolphins.

It was all fun and games until we started heading for our hotel in Hollywood.  Then the L.A. freeway nightmare began.  You know those dreams where you are trying to run but you just don't go anywhere?  It was like that, only in a car.  And we couldn't wake up.  I felt like we were stranded in a really pointless parking lot. 

Any thoughts that we could handle anything for a short time or that it could be a cultural experience were disappearing fast.  We all started going crazy!!  We had kids needing a bathroom and we were all starving.  And we were forever stuck.  We all starting snapping at each other and things were looking grim.

Then...we saw it off in the distance:

The temple!

And we were like, “It's the Mormons!  The Mormons will save us!”  We crept toward the next exit, got off, and drove straight to the temple visitor's center.  It was quiet and familiar and they had nice, clean Mormon restrooms.  Ahhhhh.  We enjoyed the ambiance, looking at exhibits for awhile and then asked a missionary to recommend a good Mexican restaurant.  He looked us over and said, "I don't know how much you want to spend.  Maybe you'd like the less expensive option?"  You got that right.

And so, with our little visit to the Mormons we were saved.  We filled our bellies with delicious (less expensive) Mexican food and then made our way back to our hotel using back streets and avoiding the freeway like the Bubonic plague.


  1. Thank goodness for those Mormons! They'll save you anywhere!

  2. You're in LA! Love that place (but not the traffic)!

  3. I was in that traffic once with Melissa hawkins...a true californian. And we got out and had a dance party on the street. It was fun....for a while until you start to realize- there it's no escape. how much longer can I dance and pretend that I don't want to go anywhere. Where were the mormons that time? I liked your story. And it's nice to have familiar things all over the world.