December 31, 2012


This Chrismas Eve the kids set out cookies for Santa as usual.  Then Andrew decided to add a snack for the reindeer so he put out a separate plate and filled it with broccoli.

I thought the magic would be enhanced for him if he found a few pieces of broccoli out in the snow
"dropped by the reindeer".  So I asked Rex if he could create a path of broccoli droppings.

The next morning Andrew looked outside and said, "The reindeer didn't eat the broccoli I set out."

We said, "Oh, yes, I'm sure they did."

He said, "No they didn't!"

We said, "Well, how do you know?"

He said, "Because there are pieces of broccoli out in the snow.  All in a line.  Like somebody threw them out there."

I said, "Well, don't you think those are just the pieces that dropped out of the reindeer's mouths as they flew away?"

He said, "No.  I put out 12 pieces of broccoli and there are exactly twelve whole pieces of broccoli out in the snow."


I quickly covered with, "Well, you must be right.  They must not like broccoli.  Next year you'll have to put out carrots."


  1. Thanks for the laugh!!!!!!!! Those kids don't miss a thing, do they?

  2. woah, good save. heh heh! i find it really awesome that you thought about leaving a trail of broccoli that fell from the reindeer mouths. that is a nice thought process. :)