August 19, 2012

Three Favorite Words

The other day Alicia told me she has three favorite words.

#1 Stalwart
#2 Steadfast, and
#3 Crap!

Me: Crap?

Alicia: Yes!!

Me: Are you kidding?  Why?

Alicia:  Because, every time someone says it it means something hilarious just happened.  Especially when you and grandma say it. 

Me:  But I don't say "crap".  That's not even a good word.

Alicia:  Yes you do.  You say it all the time.

Me:  I do?  Oh, crap!


  1. Some one on the radio said "crap" yesterday. Linus commanded, "No say crap!" I think that Alicia (and you, apparently) would run into a lot of opposition in our house.

  2. i can think of several times when you said crap. it is a good word.

  3. Um yeah, even 10 years ago you said crap all the time :)

  4. Hah! I love it that your Mom isn't sure if Alicia means her or Grandma Smart? Grandma Harris?
    Alicia's list of words make me think of the Sesame Street Song: One of these words is not like the others . . .

  5. My Mom heard me say crap when I was a teen and she said, "Sarah! What kind of friends do you have?"

  6. I like all three words. Go Alecia!