October 25, 2010

Dumb Dogs!

So, I got in an accident today.  It rained all night long, icing the roads up nice and slick and then hailed on top of it this morning.  I was driving along, not noticing any lack of traction when suddenly I came upon two dogs walking in the road.  I braked and swerved to miss them and lost control.  I over-corrected to the right and then the left, then I spun all the way around and skidded sideways into a metal gate off the side of the road.

All I could say was, "Dumb dogs!  Those dumb dogs!"  Andrew was in the back seat and calmly said, "Well, at least now you have a good story to tell.  You can tell it to Daddy, and Rachel and..."
He was having a much better attitude than I was because all I could say was, "Those dumb dogs!!"

The car's alignment was off and the steering wheel was messed, but I was able to drive to Edith's.  When we got there, Andrew told her that I said dumb dogs "like a hundred times".  Edith laughed and says she does that too.  In fact,  Edith's three-year-old daughter thinks "dumb dogs!" is what you're supposed to shout every time you stop.  Edith stopped at a stop sign about four hours from the 'dumb dogs' and Rosalie, cued in by the brakes, automatically shouted, "Dumb dogs!!"

(The car is now in the shop and I am scheming up a very opinionated letter to the editor about dog owners who don't keep track of their dogs.)


  1. Ack! Glad you're ok. Dumb dogs!

  2. hahahahaha!! thanks for the good chuckle this morning. made me feel closer to home to think of rosalie and dumb dogs.

  3. Oh, yes. I too am not a fan of dumb dogs. Are you sure it wasn't around here that you came across them - we have about 8 running around right now with the construction going on. Only some of them belong to the builders - a few more are just neighborhood construction watchdogs. Sorry about the cruched car - next time, no swerving.

  4. Sorry to hear about the accident! But as far as the rest of the story, at least she just says dumb dogs, there are so many other choice words young children hear that they could say.

  5. I think I would lure them into my car with a nice steak, drive them to the pound and let their owners pay a $150 dollar fine. A few fines later and maybe they'll leash them. Just call me the meanie pants

  6. Meanie pants!

    (sorry I couldn't resist:)