June 24, 2010

Request Denied

Today Andrew had a friend over and they had a question for me.

Andrew: Sammy, you ask her.

Me:  What is it Sammy?

Sammy:  We were just wondering if we could dig a hole in your back yard.

Me: Dig a hole?  You mean in the sandbox?

Sammy: No.  In the yard.

Me:  Uh, why?

Sammy: Because I built a underground fort at my house and I want Andrew to have his own entrance from his backyard.

Me: So this hole would connect to the hole at your house? (A mile away)

Sammy:  Yeah!

Me, putting it gently:  Well, that sounds like a lot of work.  I'm not sure you'd be able to do that.

Sammy:  But we'd get all the kids in the club to help.

Me:  Let's not dig any holes, okay?

Andrew:  I told you she wouldn't let us.


  1. what a kill joy. did you know that in college, jake wanted a secret passageway to his next door neighbor friends (casey gubler and rebecca tonioli) and so he just cut a hole in the drywall so you could climb through the closet to behind their side table. what is it about underground tunnels and secret passageways. he could just use a door and sammy could always use the road, but whatev.

  2. It was nice of you to just give them a rule, rather that explaining that there plan would never work in a million years. Way to let the fantasies live on.

  3. haha so cute! i miss you! i feel like i've been locked up in my house. oh i know why--cuz it's mostly true. i have pretty bad allergies, so now that the weather is nice I stay indoors as much as I can bc i will die if i venture out. :( SUCKS! hope you're doing well!

  4. Ha! It would have been interesting to let them try - to see how far they got.