May 30, 2010

What the Hail?

So we are on a "short" road trip to Washington D.C.  and the first leg was a 7 hour drive to Denver.  We survived the monotony of Wyoming with a few granola bars and some favorite episodes of the Andy Griffith Show.

When we arrived at our in-law's in Denver, we talked about going swimming.  Luckily we're slow movers because fifteen minutes later it was hailing.

Rex sacrificed his body to save the paint of our Excursion, using only the finest in hail-protecting technology.

Rex didn't hesitate to show off his manly welts when he was finished with his automotive heroics.


  1. that tarp will really help create a protective barrier, i think. hahahahaha!

  2. I'm so excited to see you guys!!!

  3. how random that you actually had a TARP in your car! LOL

  4. maybe your next post will be 'what the hale?' i like how loyal rex is to his sturgeon.