March 16, 2010

Good Eaters

Since my dad is a famous, famous artist his work is hosted in a fancy art gallery show every year.  And every year we kids go to support him.
And while we're there we also do our best to support the catering.
We're a supportive bunch. 

Our family is full of what we euphemistically call "good eaters".  Unfortunately, our reputation is spreading.  When we siblings and spouses arrived together at the show, we overheard the owner of the art gallery nervously say, "Oh, here are the artist's kids."  Then to us with a plastic smile,  "We should have enough food left for you."  

We were so embarrassed that we momentarily considered not eating at all.  
That moment passed, and we made our way to the food:  
brie, salmon, fruit, desserts...

We weren't even tempered by the fact that we had just come from an Italian restaurant where we had already been really good eaters.  (It was my mom's suggestion that we eat before we come).

When we left, my brother said, "Is anyone still hungry?"
We were like, "Really?  Why?"
He said, "I took some food for the ride home." 
We looked over in giggling shock to see him pull brownies out of his pockets!

We really are good eaters!


  1. hahahahaha! casey! i never would have pegged him to do that! oh man! awesome.

  2. OH MAN!! You know you aren't supposed to post things like that for the good eaters that weren't there to join in the good eating right? you are sillies. and i am so fond of the silliness. i love the... "oh the artist's children are here..."

  3. But the food at your dad's art shows is sooooo fabulous, who could blame you for indulging? I will never understand the light nibblers of the world! So did Casey bring those brownies from home or did he pilfer them from the show?

  4. I was kind of upset when they ran out of creme puffs. I wanted to take a stash home with me. I had to do with the 25 I ate there.

  5. did the caterers really say that? LOL! y'all must eat a ton (though I don't believe you, you skinny family, you)!!! i'm assuming he has the same caterers host each event? hahaha too funny.

    love the story about andrew and the moose. hee hee!

  6. Funny thing is...I could totally see him doing that! :) Glad you are great eaters....not that it ever shows. You have great eating genes! :)

  7. Grandma Shaw was in the picture! Kyle will love that. He loves your blog BTW. We decided that reading your's and Edith's blogs are great entertainment :)

  8. Oh, look! I got a comment by proxy!
    I married into your family as a good eater and have only improved with age.
    I love the moose picture on that last entry. Where do you find all these images? Andrew is such a character!