February 1, 2010

Swinging on a Yarn

I've always thought Andrew was smart, but I had to reconsider that opinion the other day when I caught him on a shelf ready to jump off.

Me:  Andrew what are you doing?!

Andrew:  Nothing.

Me:  Why are you standing on the shelf?  And why did you tape a piece of yarn to the ceiling?

Andrew:  I'm going to swing on it like a vine.

Me:  Somehow that doesn't sound safe.

Andrew:  Mom, it's fine.  Don't worry.

Me:  Do you know that a string of yarn held up by tape won't hold your body weight?

Andrew, re-thinking:  What if I just pretend the string is holding me and then I jump onto the couch?

Me, re-thinking: Okay, go for it.  Just hang on 'til I get my camera.


  1. LOL!! That is hilarious! I hope he didn't teach jase this trick! hee hee. Luv ya

  2. That's the best series of pictures ever!
    Silly billy Andrew.

  3. That boy has a gift for hamming it up. You guys passed on the melodrama gene. Good work!

  4. I LOVE the photo series. Dad told me this story and wants to put a non-yarn vine up in our bonus room for kids to swing on. thanks a lot andrew.

  5. "You could be swingin' on a yarn!" He's just trying to live up to his potential. What a great kid. Love the cold squash breakfast in bed.