December 27, 2009

Skills of Observation

I was recently introduced to the show Monk just in time to watch its season finale.  In the few episodes I enjoyed before the show ended forever, I had time to develop sympathy for Monk and his idiosyncrasies.  I was talking to my brother about this saying,
"I loved Mr. Monk.  I identified with him.  In fact, I'm kind of thinking I would make a good detective because I'm super uptight and I notice everything.  And I'm even afraid of germs."
The next day I was hanging out with my family when I came across a picture of my brother-in-law.  I looked closer and noticed he was sporting a beard.  I said, "When did he grow this?"
They replied, "Jenny, he's had a beard ever since we've known him."
I said, "Oh,"  and decided not to become a detective.


  1. ha ha ha ha! sometimes after i drive by someone i try to remember what they were wearing in case i find out they committed a crime. it's rare if i can even remember their gender.

  2. Ha! That is too funny! I would never past the super observant test, either. Well, with some things I am but with others I am completely clueless!!! (ok most things)

    Funny story about the coal. I hope your kids didn't whine too much Christmas morning ;) heh heh. LUv ya!

  3. whoops! and right after you told everyone how observant you are.

  4. Hee Hee. That is funny. I have seen Monk a couple of times and really liked it. I loved the No Whine post, too! Did it work? And...I looked all around for pink coal and didn't find any! Where in the world did you find it? :)

  5. Our library has the first 5 seasons of Monk. That's how we've watched him. Maybe yours does, too. Have you heard of Psych yet? My husband and I always watch it together on Hulu when a new episode comes out. It makes me wonder if there are any other fun shows out there we've never heard of because we don't believe in paying for television....

    Happy New Year!!

  6. In your defense, I think Shawn changed the shape of his beard recently. But I can't really remember.
    I can agree that Psych is a fun show. I've also discovered that you can watch older shows on Hulu like the Avengers and I Spy. I'll be really sad when they start making us pay to watch Hulu. Because then we'll have to stop watching.

  7. I think I asked Edith once (not that long ago) when Casey decided to grow a beard. Yeah, he's had it since he left the Y - 11 years ago? I'm not looking into that line of work, either.