October 19, 2009

Family Pictures

This weekend we attempted to take family pictures.
Here are just a few of the obstacles we encountered...

Before Pictures:
We didn't have enough similar clothes for pictures, so I borrowed clothes from three different people.
We had a hard time figuring out schedules. We put pictures off for days and days until we finally squeezed it in between church and an evening meeting Rex had. This was none too soon, as all the fall leaves fell of the trees over night due to strong winds.
Another dilemma was trying to decide on a photographer. Professional? Neighbor? Extended family? We decided on a tripod.

During pictures:
Megan burst into tears and lamented that she looked fat in her outfit.
When I was doing last-minute touches on Andrew, I accidentally poked him in the eye and he was bawling and rubbing his eyes while trying to say, "It's all right. I'm fine. I'm okay..."
Rachel kept saying, "I don't know how to smile. How should I smile?"
Alicia's blouse was too big, so we put a hair clip on the back to keep it tighter. The hair clip kept popping off and Megan kept saying, "Why does she get to have a clip? My blouse makes me look fat. I need a clip on mine. How come I don't get one?"
After a few shots in clothes that didn't end up matching, Rex announced it was time for his meeting. The rest of us changed our clothes and took pictures focused on the kids. (We were still taking pictures when he got back).
I tucked in Andrew's shirt at least 25 times, but I don't think it stayed tucked for a single picture. (Maybe it's because it's two sizes too small? )
Since Andrew is a boy and we were outside, his knees became covered in grass stains.
At one point when Andrew tried to run off and play, I pulled him back and said, "We're not here to have fun. We're here for the pain and suffering of family pictures." Suddenly he punched me then innocently explained, "You said pain!"

After pictures:
When we were all finished, I noticed that the camera was on the wrong setting and all the pictures turned out blurry.
Upon looking at the 250 pictures we took, I chose about 4 that would have worked out--if not blurry. The others either had too harsh of lighting, bad color combinations, or someone was making a face. ("Boastful" has some of the blurry favorites if you'd like to pop over and see.)