August 19, 2009

The Jokiolis Effect

Alicia (who is studying to get her driver's permit): Did you know that you always drive counter clockwise through a roundabout?

Rex: Except in England and the southern hemisphere.

Me: Okay, I understand about England, but I'm not understanding the southern hemisphere thing.

Rex: You know....the Coriolis effect.

Blank stares.

Rex: You know... like how water swirls one way in the northern hemisphere and the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere?

Me: So, you were making a joke to your wife and kids which required us to not only know about the Coriolis effect, but apply it to driving, and in a totally different context than how we would apply it to English driving? You must think we're really smart.

Rex: Hey, at least I didn't laugh at my own joke.


  1. how sweet of rex to think so much of all of you. hee!

  2. and, oh boy, how I wanted to laugh.

  3. I love a joke that requires a little scientific explanation. Mike served his mission in England, and, yes, he turned into oncoming traffic many times when we were dating. (That is, he didn't BECOME oncoming traffic . . . oh, bother.)

  4. Oh Rex. It must be hard to be the only one smart enough to get your own jokes. I say he should have laughed since he was the only one who got it. Then at least his clever joke would have gotten the laugh it deserved. Oh, Jens - btw - thanks for talking to me today. Sorry I was so whiney. :-)

  5. Does that make me smart if I already knew what the coriolis effect is... even if I don't know how to spell it?