June 27, 2009

Mount Vesuvius

Today Megan and I attempted to tackle the Mt. Vesuvius disaster that she calls her bedroom. Among the random assortment of items found were:
  • a bullet shell in an Easter egg
  • a stack of green costume witch fingers
  • two receipts from candy purchases made in Disney World six months ago
  • the sticky wrapper of the sucker purchased in Disney World six months ago (kept to go in her scrapbook along with the receipts.)
  • the beginnings of a pop can santa project
  • a stash of blank worksheets (she has a worksheet hording problem. I've actually had to enforce worksheet hording rules on her.)
  • a pile of small paper Easter baskets (made for next year's Easter decorations--they'll be displayed in a line around the circumference of the room)
  • two leprechaun traps (which come in quite handy when your house is infested with leprechauns)


  1. that is awesome! i guess leprechauns would have some good places to hide in there. jenny, i think your blog is my very favorite blog.

  2. so was your job to take notes on the most random things she found while she cleaned her room? those are some goodies. did she still want to keep the sucker wrapper for her scrapbook? aren't messes sort of the curse of the creative? i mean, if she's crafty enough to make easter decorations and creative enough to make leprachaun traps then ...

  3. Ah the joys of cleaning! And hording! It looks like she has an attachment to holidays, too.

  4. So familiar! Ay Ay Ay. So much stuff. So much time wasted with organizing it. Where is the minimalists in my children?

  5. Those all sound like very important things to keep! If they haven't already been disposed of, would like to have them. I don't have a hoarding problem AT ALL!