June 20, 2009

It Does Get Better Than That

In the last post I wrote that "it just doesn't get better than that" in reference to Rex's sleeping on the floor at the high school. But it does get better than that. It really does.

Instead of sleeping at a high school, they ended up sleeping on a sidewalk in the rain. Then they scrunched into the car where they continued not sleeping until it was their turn to run again.
Told you it got better.
Then remember that climb up the mountain? Rex said it was so grueling that he ended up walking it and so did everyone else.

Rex came home with a generic medal around his neck. It weighs about 10 pounds and doubles as a can opener. Since I don't run, I'm not really sure how can-opening and running correlate, but at least it's handy.

Rex says he's definitely doing this again next year. Next time he'll know to do more gaudy decorations, bring a tent, and actually run up that mountain.

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  1. I guess things can always get better. Maybe next year he'll get to not sleep in a freak blizzard...