April 6, 2009

Andrew Attitude

This morning Andrew woke up with angry hives all over him. I was stressed about whether or not to continue his antibiotics for his strep throat and was calling doctors and pharmacists to find out. Meanwhile, he was hanging over the bed and looking down at my feet. Then he said,
"Nice Socks, Mom!"
(Let me tell you, sock compliments have a way of breaking the tension.)

Later I said, "Well, let's go have breakfast."
He said, "Okay, I'll bring my spotted face."
Trying to be funny, I said, "Yeah, you're starting to look like a leopard!"
Distressed, he said, "A leper?!"

Later he grabbed my book off the bed, lost my place, and threw it.
I said, "You're ruining my book!"
He countered with, "You're ruining my life!"

After we ate breakfast, I was trying to distract him from driving me nuts, so I suggested he go outside and play.
To further convince him to leave I said, "You can either play outside, or help me clean the kitchen."
To my complete shock he said, "I'll help clean the kitchen. That's what God would want me to do."

Then, while watching me type this, he said:
"Never get on the 'puter, and always let me have candy. Except when I'm sick and I'm not sick! So, can I have candy?"
Tired out, I said, "Maybe."
Then he said, "Yes or no?! Maybe doesn't make cookies."


  1. your son is hilarious. really.

  2. he always makes me chuckle. i think he would get along with malan-they are both deep thinkers.

  3. Yes, Andrew is a keeper.
    I'll have to remember the "nice socks" trick next time you're stressed.

  4. He was really on one today! Can I borrow him? Please??

  5. He reminds me so much of my Ammon. I guess since they are both four... they have that 4 year old cute-ness. I need to be better about remembering things and blogging them like you do.

  6. That was a lot of funny stuff right there. YOURE ruining my life!! I love it.

  7. LOL! Absolutely adorable!! And so smart!! :-)