March 12, 2009

Spider Sacs

Just been doing some everyday regular old white trash vacuuming lately:

Now that we've dug out our crawl space, we have found the spider breeding grounds. We're hoping our vacuum can help us reduce our spider population (by at least a couple hundred) before hatching time comes.


  1. LOL!!! I love it! The way you portray yourself on this thing is hilarious! I don't know what type of person I'd think you were if I didn't know you better! :-)

    You are so normal Jenny! (for the most part ;-))... though you may not like to admit it!

    Like Anna says, when after commenting on how funny your blog was, she asked me, "where the heck does Jenny live!?!" I laughed and told her "only in ..." She laughed and said you'd think she lives in the freakin' wilderness.

    uh-oh! Sorry, Jenny... if you didn't want me to ruin the illusion! Should I take it back and tell everyone that you really are so white trash?!.....not

  2. AAHHH!!! I am now searching my house for matching sacks. If you have that many, I can only imagine how many I have.

  3. pretty gross dude. But I'm glad to hear that vacuuming is on the docket. i bet your house is sparkling clean but of course you post these pictures. you really know how to make us all feel better. we need more blogs like this out there.