March 8, 2009

Four-Year-Old Family Night

The other day was family haircut day. To keep Andrew "out of my hair" while I worked, I sent him downstairs to "plan" family home evening. It was the best idea I've ever had because it kept him quiet and busy forever.

After we had dinner with extended family guests, he invited the entire group downstairs for FHE. When we were all sitting, he said, "I'd like to welcome everyone to family home evening. Grandpa, could you say the prayer?"

When grandpa finished Andrew said, "Thank you. That was a very nice prayer."
(Are we all remembering that this kid's four?)

He then assigned a song, a pianist, and a chorister and graciously thanked each of them when they finished.

Then it was time for the lesson. Andrew chose different people to come up and hold up a gospel art picture and describe it to the family. He couldn't have chosen more disturbing pictures...
1. Pharoah's wife trying to seduce Joseph
2. Abraham's near sacrifice (complete with the wicked priest holding a sharp knife over Abraham).
3. Isaac's near sacrifice

After we had carefully made our way through these stories, Andrew showed us the game he prepared.

It looked like this:

He said, "Grandma, you're first."
There was a long pause. For some reason, Grandma didn't know what to do. Andrew sighed at her ignorance and then patiently explained that the frog is supposed to walk across the pole without getting eaten by the tiger or shot by the screwdriver machine gun (complete with a bullet chamber).

Grandma did an excellent job. The frog hopped along, even making sounds, and safely arrived on the other side.

Next was Andrew's turn. This time the machine gun started going off and it looked like the froggy was doomed until, at the last second, the puppet jumped into action sacrificing his own little shell of a body to save his amphibious friend. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy inside until Andrew said, "And now the gun can hit Megan!!"

Rex was next. He got a little too into it. He started making violent noises of destruction and flinging things everywhere.

Andrew gave him the look of death and said, "Dad, you're OUT!"

And that ended our evening of family togetherness, love, and gospel instruction.


  1. ha ha! that is awesome. was there a moral provided?

  2. It's just constant entertainment over there isn't it! I love that he acts like he's 40 and yet his game is so age appropriate.

  3. What? No picture of Ammon cutting off arms?! It should have been in there with the rest for sure.

  4. I guess the moral is though a parent may look 40, your 4-year old will still get upset if you mess with his lesson plan.

  5. I know how Andrew feels. Jenny never played Barbies right and it was just plain exasperating. That is so great that he put so much organization into it. When I was a "ma" on a Stake trek a while ago - our 16 year old "son" was in charge of FHE and there wasn't ANY organization and it lasted about 2 minutes. So Andrew is off to really good start. What an awesome kiddo.

  6. So funny Jenny! What a kid!! I love it! I agree that he sounds like a 40 year old trapped in a 4 year old body!

  7. I'm so impressed! I can't see my kids ever taking charge like that.
    And, like always, I about died from laughing. Keep up the good writing.

  8. You can't make this kind of stuff up!