January 15, 2009


As it turns out...
Alicia's not short.
She's medium.

I think I wrote this post late at night and as Katie and Edith have pointed out, it makes absolutely no sense. What happened was this: Alicia went to school and was told by a boy that she is not short, she is medium. She then came flitting home and proudly announced her new stature definition to the family.
(The funny part, though, is that she's not medium. She's short.)


  1. I need more information! Don't leave me hangin', please.

  2. I thought she was tall. I think of her as tall. At any rate, seems she's going up in people's perspectives. I was always tall growing up, and was dismayed when later some people called me short. No, now I'm medium. (And have shrunk half an inch since having kids. waah.)

  3. Give the girl a break, if she wants to be medium, let her be medium. It's all relative anyway. Compared to a gnat, she's at least medium.