January 8, 2009

Ancient Chinese Wisdom

At our family Chinese night on Monday, we crunched upon yellow cookies filled with good fortune.
My favorite fortunes were:

"Your wisdom will find a way"
(a way out?)

"Your love of the life will be happy and harmonious"
(the life, mind you)

And then I've decorated the house with fortunes.

On the front door:
"Opportunity is knocking at your front door"

On the egg carton:
"A golden egg of opportunity awaits."

On the clock:
"There is a prospect of a thrilling time ahead for you."


  1. and they're always saying the chinese are so much more smarter than us dum americuns.

  2. Do you think they meant the Love of your life, you know, Mr. Hunk of Burnin' Love, will be happy and harmonious. Because if that is what they meant, I'm all for the Chinese.