December 31, 2008

That Bad

It was in the middle of an exciting basketball game with the family when Andrew got knocked down. (He's quite invisible due to his small stature). I pulled him off the court and inspected his mouth. There was a small trickle of blood, but otherwise his teeth looked the same. There was still the dead front tooth and chipped side tooth from earlier injuries. I was still a little worried though, so I turned to my brother-in-law, the dentist, to get an expert opinion.
I showed him Andrew's teeth and then said, "So, what do you think? Is the injury very bad?"
He said, "That depends. Did it look this bad before?"

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  1. Hey, did you know that Caden chipped his tooth too? It is a right (wright?) of passage for boys. Thank goodness for baby teeth. Let us know if we can help ;-)