December 16, 2008

Role Reversal

Andrew had donned his orange cat hat and was carrying his blue stick and a wash cloth. This could only mean one thing: he was in cleaning mode. He was so excited to get started that he sat outside my door while I got dressed.
"Mom, are you ready to clean yet?"
I wasn't. I was really busy trying on the new clothes I had bought. Christmas is the only time I go to real stores and I accidentally bought all sorts of stuff for myself (just like I accidentally do every year).
I finally let him in while I was still admiring one of my new outfits in the mirror.
He went to work right away dusting off Rex's end table with his little cloth. Then he moved to my end table. While he cleaned, he narrated:
"You have too much stuff on this table. You should only have the lamp and the alarm clock. I'll find a place for this other stuff."
He hoisted the pile of books and papers off the table and found other locations to stash the clutter while I checked out the side and back view of my new jeans.
Suddenly his huffing and puffing stopped. He looked at me with his head cocked to the side and his hand on his hip and said,
"Why is I the only one cleaning?!"

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  1. Yeah, why is he? Can I borrow him? FOREVER!!! I really should have gone shopping with you this year, I could use some new jeans! I've found it's much safer for me to shop online, not as many impulse buys for myself (not AS many).