October 24, 2008

Heart Beeps and Gravestones

This morning Andrew announces: "I can hear my heart beep....It's beeping!"

Later I am attacking him with hugs and kisses while telling him how much I love him when out of the blue he says:
"Mom, I want our gravestones to be together."

Flattered, but a little concerned, I asked him where that came from and how he even knows about gravestones, and he shrugs and says, "I've always known about them."


  1. yeah jenny, he's always known about them. duh.
    so funny. i gave a chuckle right from the gut....so ya know it's good.

  2. I wonder where that will put little old Rexies gravestone? I guess he won't need one cause there won't be much left after he is dissected to check for diseases.